IAS/PCS Mains batches start under the guidence of Dr.R.K.Tiwari &   Net/jrf classes start

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Lower PCS Batches Started

Bilingual Classes are available. I.A.S. Mains G.S. & Compulsory Paper

Hostel Facilities are also available.
कोचिंग अब मुन्शिपुलिया से पॉलिटेक्निक चौराहा के पास D-87/4 पर शिफ्ट हो गई है. 

Net/Jrf classes start

Hindi Lit. classes start for IAS/PCS (Mains) under the guidence of Dr.R.K.Tiwari(Assistant Prof. of Kanpur University)

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Director's Message

"A Bird's Eye View Of Chayan I.A.S" The Chayan I.A.S. aims at an all round development of its students without the feeling of caste,creed and language. We are always ready to hail the students coming from rural and urban areas to join us. In the rivalry field of education the growing Chayan is flourishing by leaps and bounds under the guiding supervision of the Director with a view to promote the down trodden and distressed. Our motto is...... 'Chayan is our mission. Choice is your ambition' We are heading with this motto. We invite the students from every nook and corner of the country to join us More

Success Tips

How to successed in civil Services Examinations: Due to the changing trends of the Civil services for the last two/three years. More stress is laid to judge the analytical and comprehensive capacities of the individuals. The preparation has to be focused on getting a clear understanding of concepts, which in fact, has no short cut.There are certain general principles that the process of preparation should be taken as an instrument in which every second counts. The syllabus is very vast and wide. There is less scope of study and do better. IAS Preparation tips Key to success: Hard work and Balanced approach.