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Chayan IAS is a unique coaching Institute preparing students for I.A.S., P.C.S., U.G.C. (N.E.T., J.R.F.). It coaches the students preparing for the above mentioned competitions. Chayan has given miraculous results in various exams conducted. by UPSC and other state level exams. Within a short duration of 5 years, it has sorted out all its rivals in the race of results. Lower P.C.S. and R.O./ A.R.O. are not lagging behind in using modern techniques to achieve their pursuits. They have crowned the glory of the institute with their success.

Selected Students' Message for Chayan I.A.S.

Our vision is to realise our dream practically. We do not believe in theory. The valuable theory is incomplete and insignificant without its application. Chayan is situated amidst urban setting in Indira Nagar, Lucknow. It has a distinct educational ideology with a prospective of progress and programmes from Civil services to T.E.T. level across a wide spectrum of discipline to prepare enlightened citizens with strong value base. We want to look different from others in various phases of our pedagogy. Secularism based on worldly brotherhood irrespective of caste and creed without the scent of untouchability, is our priority. To impart the best possible education for the future of our civilians is our vision. We want to prepare such civilians as can pave the way of ideology and civility to our coming generation.

1."The Environment of चयन I.A.S. is suitable for the IAS/PCS preparation. My success is the gift of चयन I.A.S." --Ajay Kumar
2."In comparison to other coaching institute,चयन I.A.S. prepares student thoroughly for IAS/PCS." --Suman Rout
3."I am from a village back-ground, the personal attention and bilingual Coaching at चयन I.A.S. is students friendly, well prepared study materials helped me a lot in my course of preparation. " --Mohit Kumar
4."चयन I.A.S. helped me to realize the dream of my life.So, I recommend everybody to join चयन I.A.S." --Namita
5."In the multitude of money minded people,it is not possible to choose right path for civil services but चयन I.A.S. has made the course easy to achieve success." -Kalpana
6."चयन I.A.S. provides very Cordial atmosphere for Studies, over all Personal Development. Enriched study materials which cater the need of the aspirants to tackle the changing dynamics of UPSC examinations. Personal attention and care to every aspirants needs a special mention " --Praveen Kumar Srivastava

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Latest News

1.चयन I.A.S. prepare For IAS & PCS Candidates- Offer 20% discount on registration.

2.Fee installment facilities also available.

3.Special classes for General Hindi according to CSAT & Compulsory Hindi syllabi.

4.09 Selections in I.A.S./P.C.S. 2013

5.Special Batches have been running for Hindi Mains Under the guidence of Dr. R.K.Tiwari

6.09 Selections in I.A.S./P.C.S. 2014

7.Lower P.C.S. Pre batches starts now

8.IAS/PCS 2018-19 Pre-Cum Mains batches start morning & evening

9.Compulsary Hindi batches also available in morning & evening